As good as natural grass!

Supatee tee-line turf is manufactured from extremely dense nylon for an ultra soft feel. It allows golfers to play every type of shot with the same reaction as grass – without shock to the hands, arms and clubs, typical of sand filled synthetic grass and range mats.
Damage resistant and weather proof, Supatee tee-line turf provides golfers with a perfect playing surface all year round.

The long and extremely dense nylon pile enables golf balls to be teed up anywhere on the turf just like natural grass. Other synthetic grass products on the market require in-filling with sand, or need pre-defined holes, to acept and hold a tee peg upright.

With time, sand filled tees beome hard and compacted and eventually it feels as if one is hitting off concrete. The daily maintenance, regular replacement of the expensive sand infill and deteriorating surface quality, make sand filled synthetic tees a very costly and labour intensive solution.

Supatee tee-line turf will not compact and become hard – it is the ideal maintenance free solution with no ongoing costs.