Peterborough Milton Golf Club

"I have tried many synthetic turf products over the years and the Supatee Turf system is by far the best. It is a great playing surface and holds a tee-peg securely. I would have no reservations in recommending this product to anyone."

Alan Walker, Head Greenkeeper, Peterborough Milton Golf Club

Ipswich Golf Club

"The quality of the workmanship and eye for detail is second to none. The compliments are rolling in"

Norman Fenwick, Course Manager, Ipswich Golf Club

Yeovil Golf Club

"We have been very impressed with the service from Supatee Turf and would recommend this product to anyone. It is very low maintenance, with only the need to blow off debris as necessary. The members have been very impressed with the tees we have installed, a vast improvement on the old style tee mats."

Neil Turner, Head Greenkeeper, Yeovil Golf Club

Panshanger Golf Club

"When considering installing synthetic tees in order to rest the main tees throughout the winter season, I contacted five companies, one of them being Supatee Turf.

Once I had received all samples, it was obvious that the product offered by Supatee Turf was superior to that offered by competitors in relation to playability, lifespan and guarantee.

Initially the idea of synthetic tees sent shivers through my golfers spines. However, after installing Supatee turf on two holes over a two month period, they were pleasantly surprised with the grass-like playability.

Following our testing on the two tees, it was clear to myself and the golfers alike that we should repeat the installation of Supatee turf on the remaining 16 holes. The location for the next 16 tees was discussed and it was agreed the best location would be to set them into the main tees at the back of the yellow markers. This has the benefit of keeping the length and look of the course all year round.

We agreed the installation plan and this was adhered to throughout the project, the installation of the tees went smoothly due to the knowledge, flexibility, efficiency, organisation and professionalism of the Supatee installation team.

Both myself, and the golfers at Panshanger will enjoy the Supatee tees this winter as the experience is so similar to playing from natural grass. We also have the added knowledge that the actual tees will be rested throughout the winter and will be in excellent condition for 2009.

Although Supatee was the most expensive of all the products I considered, I truly believe that in this instance you get what you pay for. The materials are more durable and do not require sand infill, this is also supported by a 5 year guarantee which made it the best value for the business long term.

I would not hesitate to recommend Supatee Turf to improve the year round condition and playability of any golf course."

Gordon Dunn, Course Manager, Panshanger Golf Club