Range System

Performance is everything and the golf driving range experience is changing thanks to the Supatee Range Turf System. In golf, we are instructed to practise the way we play and with the Supatee Range Turf System we deliver a new level of performance feedback on a realistic synthetic surface.

Our bespoke 6’ x 4’ ft frame holds three separate mats, two dedicated strike areas on either end (utilising our premium Supatee Tee-Line Ultra Turf) with a central stance area. Our mats are constructed from our 32mm deep premium Supatee Tee-Line Ultra Turf – the highest density surface on the market specifically designed for high intensity play at 6.5kg of fibre per square metre – bonded to an 8mm rubber backing.

With only 20% of our mat profile being rubber and such a dense fibre absorbing the strike impact you are minimising bounce and vibration through wrists and joints. Instead of investing in expensive rubber or bristle mats with no resistance, and absolutely no performance feedback, you are investing in a quality performance surface your customers will love.

Our Supatee Tee-Line Ultra Turf, installed as outdoor tee-lines without rubber backing, is so dense that it will easily hold a normal golf tee but for driving range purposes we have accurately positioned holes for rubber tees which accommodate right and left handed golfers whilst allowing complete freedom of rotation on strike areas.

The Supatee Range Turf System represents an affordable upgrade to your range and a commitment to premium quality playing performance with the running costs of an average bay costing a lot less than £50 a year.

The Supatee Driving Range System is the new way to give your customers the driving range experience they need, performance feedback they can convert from practise hours on your driving range into experience they can take onto the golf course – practising like you play.

The Supatee Driving Range System is also very easy to maintain. Replacing the 1’ x 4’ ft strike area is cheap and quick, saving you time, effort and money in keeping your driving range looking and performing at its very best all of the time.

The benefits of our Supatee Range Turf System, using synthetic turf rather than a driving range mat, extend way beyond the dramatic improvement in playing performance;

- Unrivalled performance feedback
- The highest density surface for high intensity play
- A commitment to premium quality at an affordable price
- Hit all types of shot from the best synthetic turf on the market
- Modern aesthetics to improve the look of your range
- Complete ease of maintenance and mat rotation
- Reduced strike impact on wrists and joints

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Supatee Turf - The Playing Surface that is Second to None!